Great Canadian Cities

Here at AllAbroad, we're all about countries all over the world. To you Canadian globetrotters, Canada might seem like the least interesting place on your list, but to others it's a huge draw! Canadian Realtors and their counterparts in other Canadian cities help thousands of people from abroad find homes in Canada each year. What's so great about Canadian cities, you ask? That's the subject of this section on great Canadian cities.


You may not think of Canada as having many great attractions, but have you ever visited Grose Morne National Park in Newfoundland? The Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick? The CN Tower in Toronto? The glaciers at Lake Louise? Watched whales swim off the coast of Vancouver Island? To a foreigner these things are wondrous enough to make visitors consider applying for a work visa and renting an apartment just to be nearer to them. Canada is the second largest country in the entire world, so no matter how much of it you've seen, there are always more things out there to visit.


Attractions are great for drawing people into a city, perhaps enough even to make them consider living there, but in order for a foreigner to want to make that city their home, they need to feel welcome. This is something Canadians are famous for. A family from abroad moving into a London, Ontario condo will find jobs, friends, and assistance as surely as if they had lived in Canada their entire lives. Why? Because Canadians love Canada, and they're always pleased to find new people who love it too. While some cities, particularly in the Prairies, have more of a reputation for self interest than others, East Coast municipalities like Halifax or Saint John's are full of people who will give you the shirt off their backs.


Canada is an enormous country with a population only a little above 30 million. There are cities in Asia with more people than that. So as you can imagine, the allure of so much space to spread out can be strong to people who are used to crowded conditions. You'll pay quite a bit for space in cities (a home in Toronto lists in the millions of dollars) but in the suburbs you can claim your own patch reasonably cheaply.


Foreigners also flock to Canadian cities for the jobs, though the availability depends on the city. It is much easier, for instance, to find a job with a graffiti Toronto company than with one in Fredericton or Victoria, simply because Toronto's business scene is so much larger. For this reason, Toronto and Vancouver are the top destination cities for foreigners.

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