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Traveling and earning a living at the same time sounds like a dream, yet in today's wired world this is an easy to achieve reality. Finding work abroad of course is not always guaranteed, yet a little bit of research can go a long way when planning to work overseas. Certain countries will require work visas, and entrance permits so it is not quite as easy as buying a plane ticket and packing your suitcase. Rules vary from country to country, so contacting your nation's consulate is an excellent way to have all of your questions answered and qualms quelled, and is as simple as searching the web for the latest online collaboration software.

A popular option is to teach English. This can be done privately, with no requirement of qualifications at all other than being able to speak the language, and this requires soliciting schools, and businesses to hire you so it is not as quick as contacting a Toronto executive recruiting firm. A much safer route is to obtain certification as an International Instructor from one of the many TEFL and TESOL courses offered by correspondence, online and in class sessions. Once you have completed to requirements of the course, you can even set up a position in a language school before you leave for your destination country. This route is a certain way to obtain employment, and contracts can vary in length giving you time to travel in between jobs, giving you a chance to spend some of your hard earned money and do fun tourist type things while living abroad.

Perhaps your business is the type that can run from anywhere, so long as you have your computer and web access. This is the case for more and more companies worldwide, as computer and internet technology advances and the e-commerce market develops. This means that you could run your little company that sells business cards online from the beaches of Phuket, or the shores of Darwin. This type of portable business is booming, and today everything can be found online, from a surf board to a service bureau, and these sites could be run from anywhere.

Another great benefit of the international power of the internet is your connection to jobs abroad such as dentist downtown Toronto clinics. Many message boards and blogs can be found by searching for work in the country of your choice, and the results are surprising. The same amount of information exists about volunteer opportunities abroad. Thousands of great organizations have positions available for volunteers to assist with everything from humanitarian issues to building and running schools, shelters, medical centers...the list is endless. This type of traveling is known as voluntourism and is growing in popularity at a rapid rate. Donating your time to those in developing nations while you are seeing a new part of the world and a different culture can be very rewarding. This choice may also lead to employment with the organization that you volunteered for. The internet is available even in these less wired countries, and its opportunities prove that there are many ways to earn a living while traveling abroad. Even if it does not work out, you will be able to go online to book a flight back to Canada, and do an Ottawa job search before flying back home!

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