If you've ever seen the horror film, Hostel, you might be thinking to yourself, "why would anybody ever want to live in such a terrifying place?" But the truth is most hostels aren't like that. They're usually cozy places with friendly staff who are willing to offer you a place to stay at a reasonable price. And for those of you planning on doing some long term travel after you've cashed in your mutual funds, staying in a hostel can be a more affordable alternative to staying in a hotel; especially during these rough economic times.

If you had enough of looking at Scarborough homes and need a change of scenery, taking a vacation might be right up your alley. And if you're looking for some adventure and want to live life on the edge, hostels can provide you with some great lodgings without wondering how much that can of pistachios are going to cost you in the morning. The great thing about hostels is that no matter the length of your trip, long-term accommodations are available which means no worrying about checkout times.

Hostels are generally associated with back-packing students looking to travel abroad and take in as many different cultures as possible before trading in their dorm rooms for desk jobs. Of course traveling isn't just for students. It's for people of all ages. And what's the point of going on vacation to Mexico if you don't plan on staying a long time? If you're not worried about what the vanity cabinets in the kitchen or bathroom look like, then taking up residence in a hostel is the ideal situation for you.

You can't function in society nowadays without cell phones and with the ability to roam international countries, long distance calling and texting is just as easy to do on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas as it is to do in the comfort of your own basement. Even though you're taking a trip to have fun and get away from the real world for a while, you never know when an emergency may happen or an important business call needs to be taken. And since you have to leave the hostel to hit the beach, bringing your cell phone with you is essential. Just make sure to protect all your cell phones from the incoming waves by keeping them in their leather pouches. They're a travel necessity.

You've finally decided that there are too many good reasons not to go on vacation and you're ready to take some time away from your day job of manufacturing and selling water treatment chemicals. That's fantastic news but don't forget to take that special some one with you. A long term stay in a wonderful hostel won't be the same if you're thinking about your loved ones who aren't there with you. Hostel stays can seem like days instead of weeks when you're having fun but if you don't have someone to share all the moments with, what's the point?

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