Are you sick and tired of trying to find extra ways to make money? When your investments don't pay off or you have resorted to getting cash for scrap gold, it's time to make a change and invest in something solid and luxurious.

Vacationing has taken a new form. Why just go away for a week or even two? Some people save up for a decade to go on the vacation of a life time. So why stay, night after night, in the same hotel or resort? Why not rent a condo-hotel and have a place of your own? Or even better, why not invest in a condo-hotel and rent it out to hopeful vacationers for a bankable profit? Before we get into the perks of buying or renting a condo-hotel, it is best to delve into the concept first.

Condo-hotels, or condotels, are usually high-rise properties in fantastic getaway locations. They are typically luxurious condos that are located near common tourist attractions such as theme parks, golf courses, beaches, nightlife, and much more. Many condo hotels have high calibre guest services and are fully equipped with all amenities. They are great for a group, collaboration software and wi-fi are always included so you can even work from your rented condo-hotel. It is a very simple concept that everyone can benefit from.

Sure, you may have investments and real estate across the globe. But, do you have a property in sunny Orlando, Florida? Or, in a high traffic destination like Las Vegas? These places are always vacation hotspots and are a never ending opportunity for profit. Condo-hotels popularity is on the rise and there is no better time than the present to take advantage of this prosperous opportunity.

Instead of planning a vacation in bitter and cold Edmonton, Los Angeles, or smouldering hot Mexico, why not take a long vacation in Panama and rent out a fabulous condo-hotel? It's like staying in a resort, but you have the freedom to come and go as you please and can stay as long as you see fit! And, while you're vacationing, you can have the freedom to rent longer and even have friends come and visit. It's just as if you are investing in a summer home, in Panama! It doesn't get much better than that.

So whether it is a great investment that you are seeking or simply a reason for you and your family to get away for a while, condo-hotels are a great way to spend your money wisely. It's a great long term investment that can have many sunny, fantastic benefits!

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