Working Abroad

The call to adventure is something that we all feel time to time, but for most of us the tug is tempered by practicality. Sure, it would be great to live abroad for a while, but what exactly are you supposed to do in order to keep a roof over your head and food on the table? Well, moving from home and working abroad is not quite as hard as many people make it seem. The requirements for green cards, visas, and so on are foremost on the minds of most doubters, but the fact is that most countries have jobs readily available which nationals do not seem to want to fill. This means that for those who know where to look, there is plenty of work to be found.

The variety of jobs that one can find abroad is actually quite staggering. From a position as a live in nanny, which requires minimal training, to postings as highly trained doctor or nurse, the range of jobs to be found for people wishing to work in another country is broad. In fact, most of the jobs that are filled by foreign workers in a country such as Canada are the same jobs that Canadians can find in other countries when they wish to work abroad.

What this means for the person wishing to work abroad, including those who are thinking about moving to Canada, for example, and finding work, is that they just need to know where to look and find jobs that need to be filled. There are jobs for foreign workers who wish to stay permanently; generally these jobs have a high level of ongoing security and are the ones that require the most bureaucracy in order to fill. In other words, these permanent jobs may be the ones where you have to fill out your visa and work permits, and so on.

On the other hand, almost every country has a need to find temporary foreign workers. This is true from Australia, where the grape season sees several thousand migrant workers fly in country each year, to Canada's West Coast cranberry harvest. One way to secure one of these jobs is to enter a temporary foreign worker program. There are several organizations which offer enlistment opportunities for these seasonal style jobs, and we take a closer look at these in some of the articles in this section.

You don't have to listen to that voice of self doubt that tells you it is too hard to find work in another country. A quick look around your local area will probably reveal a multitude of workers who have come from abroad and found work in your community, and this phenomenon is happening all over the world. Maybe you have a real estate license and need to see how much training it will require to use it in another country, or you are an experienced windows Durham installer looking for work. On this site, we are going to take a look at the job opportunities available for those who wish to work abroad at a number of different locations across the globe.

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