Science in Canada

Interested in science, but not in the typical areas? A lot of students don't intend to become doctors, nurses, or step into any of the other occupations typically associated with upper level sciences, but want to make a career in some kind of science nonetheless. If you are one of these people, you are probably already aware of the many options worldwide open to you in your pursuit of a meaningful science career.

Canada's upper education system has no shortage when it comes to interesting science programs open for students to take. Whether we are talking degree programs that set you up in a computer career (so that you can start your own successful lead generation company!) or those that study what happens in space, there are programs in Canada to meet the interests of any scientist. Let's take a look at a few interesting ones below.

Bachelor of Natural Resource Science

A lot of Canada's economy, particularly that outside of the three major cities, depends on the use and processing of natural resources. It stands to reason, then, that many of the universities in the nation would offer a program that trains students for a career in natural resource use and stewardship.

One of the best things about this degree program is that it can lead to any number of different and rewarding careers. You may find yourself studying water treatment chemicals in class and five years later applying that knowledge to range management, oil sands cleanup, or within the mining industry.

Looking for field research opportunities? Careers grounded in a BNRS program can help you there as well. Whether we are talking about discovering the most efficient growers supplies for alfalfa farmers or the best way to raise healthy beef, the research opportunities know no bounds.

This program is great for those who want to pursue a career in sciences and out of doors. For the hands on, inquisitive scientific type who loves the natural world, it's one of the best programs there is. In addition, it helps to open a lot of doors when you start looking for a career!

Quantum physics

Several of Canada's big universities, including the ones located in the nation's largest cities, offer intriguing opportunities for those who have a penchant for the world of physics.

A great example is the TRIUMF project offered through UBC. Be warned, this program is only open to the brightest students, so you will have to be focused in this direction from the get go. Once you are in, though, it's a world of particle accelerators that few will get to see. From phase stability to the effects of test weights on storage rings, discoveries in this program take place in leaps and bounds. There are just not many opportunities like this anywhere in the world!

Those are just two of the exciting opportunities available in Canada to students who love science. No matter if you are interested in how things work, such as the matter of the universe to ecosystems, or in making things work yourself, there is something in the country to suit you.

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