Before You Go

The rules and regulations for working in foreign countries is as variable as the environmental and political climates of the world's nations. Finding out what you need as far as documentation is just one of the many things to consider before getting on a plane to go work overseas. Other essential things to do before jetting off include securing your home and/or belongings while you are away, finding out as much about the area you plan on living in as far as climate, what (if any) political and cultural issues to be aware of, and you should make your house plans in your destination country.

Arranging your accommodations prior to departure is also a great way to set your mind at ease and alleviate some of the stress that can sometimes accompany such a dramatic life changing event. There may be some level of shock in moving from your cushy and fabulous Brampton condos to a room in a budget motel, so taking the time to secure a safe dwelling that is up to your standard of living is a wise way to make the move more comfortable.

Many overseas employers can be of great assistance in your search for a place to live - they can help you find vacancies in good neighborhoods and fill you in on any insider information on the best (and probably worst) places to live in their city or town. Sometimes employers will arrange your living quarters for you, and may even go as far as to pick you up from the airport! Contacting your employer (if you've secured your employment before you depart), and finding out what services they are willing to offer is an excellent time saver and will make it that much easier once you land. The choices of accommodations may not be as ritzy as the latest condos, yet there are sure to be great spots, maybe even some with gardens and balconies, and all essential amenities close by.

Just as any good shipping yard must invest in top quality sling ropes, anyone planning on working abroad should be well informed about their rights and responsibilities as foreign workers. A visit to the local travel agent will likely have all of the information and tips you will need, as well as checking the information that your nation's consulate has about your chosen destination country. Another option is to purchase the latest edition travel guide book for your country, as these books often contain not only information about the laws and customs of the country, but other useful information as well about traveling in and around that specific part of the world. One of these guide books can easily be purchased online or at your local booksellers, and will make for an exciting read that will better prepare you for your trip.

Teachers, chefs, carpenters, owners of food PR agencies, no matter what your trade or profession, there are ample opportunities to travel while earning a living all around the globe. Keeping your resume up to date (and an electronic copy of it with you), and loads of business cards in your pocket are great ideas - since you never know when the opportunity for employment will come arise.

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