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For a lot of us, there will be a very limited window when it comes to the opportunity to live or work abroad. Usually, this window occurs after a person has graduated from high school and before he or she makes the decision to start a family. Coincidentally, these years also represent the prime time for individuals to acquire a post-secondary education. So, is it possible to fulfill one's dreams of going abroad for a portion of your life while still keeping your career track on course and on schedule?

The answer is a resounding yes. Most parts of the world welcome foreign students wishing to study abroad, for a variety of different reasons. Foreign students help expose domestic ones to different cultures, and they also tend to fill important positions as teachers and workers, as well as sources of income, within many different countries. In fact, Ontario universities and others within Canada actively recruit foreign students for all of these reasons. Students are attracted by such offerings not only for the element of the exotic that they represent, but also for the (usually) lower cost involved in attending a university outside of one's own country. This seems to be particularly true of Asian students. And if you're living in a place like Brampton homes, you may not think you're very "exotic" but your cultural background is far different from someone in Austria or China.

For both students travelling from Canada to other countries and students travelling to Canada in order to study abroad, English as a Second Language courses can play a significant role. Many Canadian students attending foreign universities can make a monthly income by teaching ESL at a local school, even the university they are attending. In Canada, many students find the English as a second language courses offered at most universities beneficial. They assist the students when it comes to their program of choice, as well as providing the skills necessary for day-to-day life within an English speaking country.

Of course, studying abroad is never just about the education. Almost every student jumps at the opportunity to go to another country and study for the promise of change that it brings. Attending a post secondary institution at another country has a dash of the exotic to it, and is something that the individual will remember for their entire lifetime. Even something as simple as moving from a loft to live with a family in France can be life changing. It means exposure to a different society, and maybe even more exciting for the student, opportunities for recreation and bonding that may never be available in their lives again.

Studying abroad is the perfect way to realize one's dreams of traveling, while enabling a student to carry on with their educational and career paths. This section of our site is dedicated to the specifics of studying abroad at a number of destinations around the world. While studying is, of course, the basis for your trip, you should keep in mind that it would be a waste not to take in the travel and recreation opportunities available when one studies in another country, and these are in part what we will be focusing on. If you're living in Canada you may not be aware of how easy it is to see dozens of other countries when studying abroad for just one year.

So, if you are at a point in your life where you are looking both to indulge your wanderlust and to continue on your career path, the information in this section will be of interest to you. If you're not tied down yet by a family and a mortgage on a real estate property, maybe now is the time to get out and see the world. Studying abroad gives you the chance to do this, and we can help fill in the details.

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